Skein Snake

Oct 4th, 2009
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I came up with the idea for Skein Snake while working out a knitted mesh that was square, similar to filet crochet mesh. I was working with cotton, linen, and hemp yarns and found them hard on my hands. The other problem was that after washing and drying, the properties would change. The fibers would shrink, soften and in some cases have a great deal of lint. The finished item changed in most of the cases as well. None of these outcomes were pleasant.

Mulling over this dilemma, I remembered an opt repeated phrase that linen softened with repeated wear and washing. I also remembered that cotton jeans and t-shirts improved with wear and washing. I knew about the usual way to wash a skein – tie it in about 1,000 places, pin it into a pillow case, cross your fingers and wash it. I was hit by an inspiration – what if you had a covering for the skein that fit closely. This would eliminate the need for all the extra ties and it could be washed in the covering.

I quickly sewed a prototype and zipped it around a skein of linen yarn and pitched it in the washer with a load of towels. After the cycle was complete, I put it all in the dryer. 45 pacing up and down minutes later, I unzipped the skein and was very pleased to see the remarkable change in the skein of yarn. It WAS softer, lint had fallen out and was captured by the covering. Working with this improved yarn was a wonderful change.

I refined the design of the covering over time. I did not want the zipper to contact the yarn, the top needed to stay secured so that the zipper did not open in the washer or dryer. I wanted a pocket that the covering could be tucked into when not in use. After refining the design, my husband and I brainstormed for the name. Skein Snake was finally born.

The logo was designed by my husband, my co-creator of Knit Stitch Graph Products. (See wiki article explaining the antiquity of the symbol, it appears in many religions, including Christianity).

Skein Snake:

Machine or hand laundering
Removes pretreatments of cone yarn
Fulls and fluffs yarn
Pre-shrinks yarn
Accurate swatching
Removes kinks from recycled yarn
Perfect wrinkles in broomstick skirts

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Apr 22nd, 2008
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